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With two decades of experience across the marketing buy-side and advertising sell-side, I bring a wealth of expertise from diverse perspectives. Leveraging my strong foundation in entertainment marketing and creative storytelling skills, I thrive on understanding audiences and harnessing the power of data-driven insights to craft highly impactful strategies. As a digital native with extensive experience in ad tech, gaming, and social, I remain at the forefront of emerging platforms and the evolving media landscape. Throughout my career, I have consistently motivated high-performance teams, optimized processes, and delivered innovative solutions that effectively connect brands with consumers. My leadership style is collaborative, fostering a supportive and empowering work culture.

Project Highlights

Innovative Solutions for Brands & Consumers


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The Health Benefits of Drinking Tea Daily 

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Digital Marketing & Advertising ⬝ Integrated Marketing ⬝ Audience-Driven Creative & Media Strategy ⬝ Film Marketing ⬝ Gaming ⬝ Ad Tech ⬝ Data & Measurement ⬝ Research & Analysis ⬝ Content Development ⬝ Project & Product Management ⬝ Sales & Product Marketing ⬝ Process Optimization ⬝ Client Management ⬝ Talent Development ⬝ Leadership



2019 - 2023

Head of Sales Marketing

Spearheaded the mobile gaming ad sales go-to-market strategy, empowering Sales with essential tools, resources, and strategic guidance, resulting in a 25% annual revenue increase, surpassing the goal by 21%. Skills:  Gaming ⬝ Ad Sales Marketing ⬝ ​Go-To-Market Strategy ⬝  Integrated Marketing ⬝ ​​Content Development ⬝ ​Sales Enablement ⬝ ​B2B Marketing ⬝ ​Strategic Proposals ⬝ ​Consumer Insights ⬝ Research & Measurement ⬝ Cross-Functional Project Management ⬝ Process Optimization ⬝ Sales Training ⬝ Client Partnerships ⬝ Thought Leadership ⬝ ​Team Management

Pardon Our Reach 

2018 - 2019

Co-Founder, Principal Consultant 

Co-founded a marketing consultancy specializing in data-driven media, social, and creative strategies that deliver highly relevant content to targeted audiences. Successfully catered to new and established brands, including Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Paramount, Focus Features, NBC, ROW8  video streaming, Ajinomoto Foods, and APL Athletics. ​Skills:  Digital Marketing ⬝ ​Film Marketing ⬝ ​Creative Advertising ⬝ ​Media Planning & Buying ⬝ ​Social Media ⬝ ​Dynamic Creative ⬝ ​Business Development ⬝ ​Client Management

Sizmek (acquired by Amazon) 

2017 - 2018

Associate Vice President, Creative Innovation Team

Managed a team of five product managers to craft a comprehensive roadmap for advanced creative ad products. Oversaw the entire lifecycle from market research to execution. Engineered an ad infrastructure that facilitated seamless high-impact advertising in programmatic channels.  ​Skills:  Ad Tech ⬝ ​Product Management & Commercialization ⬝ ​Market Analysis ⬝ Formats ⬝ Dynamic Creative ⬝ ​Data Management ⬝ Programmatic Media ⬝ Measurement ⬝ Process Optimization ⬝ ​Thought Leadership ⬝ Team ​Management

2015 - 2017

Associate Vice President, Creative Strategy

As a direct report to the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), I led a team that delivered custom solutions and strategic proposals to drive global advertiser and publisher revenue. Our efforts resulted in new business acquisitions and revenue growth with top brands, including Nestlé, Jaguar Land Rover, Mazda, Macy's, NBC, and The New York Times.  ​Skills:  Ad Tech ⬝ ​Custom Solutions ⬝ ​Creative & Media Strategy ⬝ ​Formats ⬝ ​Dynamic Creative ⬝ ​Data Management ⬝ Programmatic Media ⬝ ​Measurement ⬝ ​Cross-Functional Project Management ⬝ Strategic Proposals ⬝ ​Content Development ⬝ Sales & Product Marketing ⬝ ​Sales Training ⬝ Thought Leadership ⬝ ​Team Building ⬝ ​Talent Development

2013 - 2015

Head of Operations, Republic Project

Directed a team of eight, spearheading integration management, client service, and product marketing for a social ad-authoring platform following Sizmek's acquisition of Republic Project. Crafted comprehensive product documentation and sales content and conducted global sales and client service training to ensure a seamless transition and successful adoption. Skills:  Ad Tech ⬝ ​Social Creative ⬝ ​Integration Management ⬝ Product Marketing  ⬝ Sales Training ⬝ Client Service ⬝ ​Team Building


2012 - 2013

Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing

Worked closely with the executive team and filmmakers, utilizing market research to define audiences, positioning, and digital marketing strategies for theatrical movie releases. I built and managed a high-performing team of media, creative, and publicity marketers, executing integrated campaigns that connected with audiences across digital touchpoints. Our efforts played a pivotal role in the box office achievements of Insidious Chapter 2 and Olympus Has Fallen, surpassing opening weekend revenue targets by 100% and outperforming big-budget competitive titles.  ​Skills:  Film Marketing ⬝ ​Digital Marketing ⬝ ​Creative ⬝ ​Media ⬝ ​Publicity ⬝ ​Social ⬝ ​Influencer Activations ⬝ ​Integrated Marketing ⬝ ​Market Research ⬝ ​Team Building ⬝ ​Executive Leadership

UM Worldwide

2006 - 2012

Vice President, Creative

Pioneered a dynamic creative approach, fostering synergy among clients, media, creatives, and partners to develop cutting-edge digital strategies for Sony Pictures, Home Entertainment, and Sony Electronics. I Assembled, trained, and directed cross-functional teams, driving innovative thought leadership, seamless execution, research, and analysis for digital creative advertising, consistently earning the Creative Teams top scores and accolades in annual client-agency reviews. I have contributed to successful campaigns, including Spider-Man and 007 franchises, as well as Superbad. This campaign marked a notable industry shift as digital emerged as the primary source of awareness for theatrical marketing. ​Skills:  Digital Marketing ⬝ ​Film Marketing ⬝ ​Media Strategy ⬝ ​Creative Advertising ⬝ Social ⬝ ​Influencer Activations ⬝ ​Performance Analysis ⬝ ​Cross-Functional Project Management ⬝ ​Client Partnerships ⬝ ​Process Optimization ⬝ Thought Leadership ​⬝ ​Team Building ⬝ ​Talent Development

Sony Pictures  

Digital Marketing Consultant

2005 - 2006

Served as the digital marketing lead for theatrical movie releases, overseeing the development and execution of comprehensive digital marketing strategies.  Skills:  Digital Marketing ⬝ ​Film Marketing ⬝ ​Cross-Functional Project Management

Blitz (acquired by AMP Agency)


Senior Project Manager 

Produced award-winning digital advertising campaigns for leading brands, including Microsoft, General Electric, Warner Bros., and Sony Pictures. ​Skills:  Digital Marketing ⬝ ​Creative Advertising ⬝ ​Project Management ⬝ ​Account Management

DNA Studio

2003 - 2005 

Senior Project Manager 

Hired as a Coordinator and subsequently promoted to Project Manager and Senior Project Manager, I managed key accounts such as Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, and Sony Pictures. ​Skills:  Digital Marketing ⬝ ​Creative Advertising ⬝ ​Project Management ⬝ ​Account Management ⬝ Talent Development

Refer to my full resume for a comprehensive overview of my professional background and experience.  It provides detailed information about my skills, qualifications, and achievements.

Download my full resume.

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